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Step up and stand out, or go home

Step up and stand out, or go home.

Someone wrote a brief post in a professional networking group I belong to online, that basically said: If everyone likes you, you are doing something wrong. It is profound and fabulous.  Something everyone in business should know and maybe does, but perhaps forgets. Seth Godin has been an advocate of standing out in business for […]


Top 6 reasons why people think your brand sucks

Brands who fail to succeed do so because they refuse to realize and follow (the very few) key things that can help them suck less. I’ll be posting in more detail on each of these over the next month or so. Did I forget any? #6  You fail to respond properly to conflict in social […]

Angry panda is angry and means srs biz

Google’s Panda Update Will Bury Your Mediocrity

Google’s 4.0 Update, aka Panda, is not fooling around, you guys. After you’ve read this…how do you feel about it? With the last couple updates over the past year (Hummingbird, etc.), I knew that Google’s updates to their search algorithms were going to make it harder and harder for crappy content to appear high up […]

Oh God, not SEO!

Turn something you do into something everyone wants

Seth Godin’s blog this morning entitled “Better than free”  just validates my thought these past couple weeks that I need to work on finding ways to make an existing idea, something everyone should want.

Google+ is better for business than Facebook

Why Google+ will surpass Facebook for business

I’m weary of the whole “Facebook is where my business clients are, so that’s why I still use it” and “Your company doesn’t exist if it’s not on Facebook.” Seriously?  Have you bothered to check out Google+ for your business?