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Social Media Services Overview

Full listing of social media services offered by’s Bobbi Jo Woods
Scheduling of Content
Estimated 6-8 hrs per week (can be done the Friday prior) planning out 1-2 weeks of social media post content creation and Hubspot/Bufferapp scheduling will take the most time).


Time spent each week on engaging (replies, likes/plusses/RTs, circling/adding back users, finding guest blog opportunities, etc.)
Ideation/Mental marketing schematics
Bobbi Jo will spend time coming up with new ideas for increasing engagement across all platforms besides what’s already being done, and will include 15 minute weekly call/hangout to share ideas & discuss strategy to deploy.
Normal monthly packages are priced at $485.00 for 40 hours/month to cover all bases (a slight discount from my normal hourly rate of $13). I also have a 6-month package that’s an even better deal, here. ____________________________________________________________

Add-on items

Blogging $.06/per word* I can write 500 words in any topic in just under an hour if it’s a new topic to me, if it’s something I’m well-read on, probably no more than 14-20 minutes (includes copy-editing/proofreading). What 250 words looks like. * Would need to determine how many blog posts per week at this rate you would think you need, for hours per month. This is what 500 words looks like.

Custom graphics, if needed $5 each – likely something you only need once or twice per month. If not, let me know volume of original graphics you currently do – possibly because quality over quantity, I can offer a volume discount. ___________________________________________________________


Blogging: I can negotiate further on this, same with engagement. If you know how many hours per week your team currently spends on this, the estimate for that add-on item can change.

Graphics/image policy for blogging/all other graphic-reliant posts: Creative Commons license image sourcing is at no additional charge IF you send me images you like which I can choose from, for each post, or if you share pre-purchased or owned images I can quickly add.

Photos/Graphics that I source (not create, just find) like on blogs for “Featured Image” per post = add’l $2 (I can also refer you to some royalty-free stock sources if you need access to decent ones–also see my graphics policy at the bottom).

NDA or Non-disclosure agreement: I am happy to sign one, if you prefer to supply it, or if you don’t have one, I can send one that I use.

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