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Step up and stand out, or go home.

Step up and stand out, or go homeSomeone wrote a brief post in a professional networking group I belong to online, that basically said:

If everyone likes you, you are doing something wrong.

It is profound and fabulous.  Something everyone in business should know and maybe does, but perhaps forgets. Seth Godin has been an advocate of standing out in business for well, pretty much forever. One thing he pointed out that has stuck with me since he wrote it, was that your goal isn’t to please everyoneand that we should try be remarkable ALL of the time.

Committing to being remarkable means being ourselves, keeping doing that “thing” that makes us different, that stands us apart from what everyone else is doing, and to stop relying on trends and whatever’s in fashion, to stay relevant.  Stay true to your differences, and those who really like you for you and not for any other reason, are the ones you will attract to you, your brand, etc. They will have a better understanding of you and will probably have more of an ideal relationship with you than others can.

If each of us remembers to stay remarkable and that not ‘everyone’ is our potential client or partner, customer, etc., and that we only need to get a certain type of person interested in us by identifying and targeting an ideal client, we would do better to weed out everyone else whom we don’t need to please and waste time on.

What do you do, to stand out?

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