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Top 6 reasons why people think your brand sucks


Brands who fail to succeed do so because they refuse to realize and follow (the very few) key things that can help them suck less. I’ll be posting in more detail on each of these over the next month or so.

Did I forget any?

#6  You fail to respond properly to conflict in social spaces

#5  You refuse to stop adhering to mass-marketing tactics/thinking

#4  You lack self-awareness and it makes bad first impressions

#3  You settle for being mediocre

#2 You don’t have a ‘why’

#1  You keep doing all of this shit over (2-5) and over again.

Keep up the great work, Sisyphus. We’re all counting on you to keep sucking, so the rest of us can do better by example. Enjoy your eternal doom. Well, until you learn.

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