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  • Help come up with one social campaign idea for your business
  • Broadcast it via Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+ page
  • Install a widget on your FB page to accept customer/client inquiries/feedback for that campaign
  • Interview on an upcoming event or your business idea/bio
  • Press releases/blasts to PR web/connections as well as my own
  • Website & blog content updates/image manipulation/inclusion
  • E-newsletter setup & mailings
  • Assistance for authors, entertainers, coaches
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Custom-tailored packages are available to authors, coaches and entertainers who need assistance to get started on promotions. Discounts are available to new authors with less than three published books and publishers wanting to spotlight and promote multiple new authors.

Services provided for authors include:
  • Send out promos and excerpts (always abiding by posting excerpt rules) and monitoring responses.
  • Proofreading of website/social pages for typos, broken links, and new reviews needing to be made.
  • Requesting book reviews at review sites online.
  • Coordinate social media/author site profiles and ensuring they are all linked in your site, reviews, etc. (including Twitter, Facebook, Smashwords, Goodreads, etc.)
  • Keep track of what the author needs to be doing when and where, reminding them of when promotional items need ordering.
  • Graphic design such as banners and covers
  • Create and send out e-newsletters
  • Author name searches to determine where you're being mentioned/listed and setting up alerts for such, as well as ensuring proper credits are being given if titles are mentioned.
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